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Cardio Options?

So I have been doing 30 minutes of cardio every day and I’m getting bored of running (both outside and on the treadmill), plus my ankles have recently started to hurt.

Which forms of cardio do you like best instead of running? I’m thinking maybe riding a bike (an actual one, I hate the stationary), and taking very long walks (up to two hours), but I’d like a few more options.

Bike inside like a machine and I watch tv or browse my phone. Time flies and it’s entertaining

Go to a spin class

I hated them until I decided to take a course so I could earn some cash.

Can’t get enough of them now. Minimum kcal burn, for me anyway, is 500.

Have felt it carry over to my running performance as well.

Give it a bash👍



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Ankle and knee pain is why I quit running years ago. If I do cardio now, it is typically HIIT on either an elliptical or an Airdyne; these are very low impact. I much prefer tire flips and sledgehammer work for conditioning though. I am also quite fond of “steady-state lifting” which involves picking 3 or 4 compound lifts (at about 50% 1RM), preferably antagonistic or at least dissimilar, and performing as many sets of 10 reps as possible in a circuit fashion for 15 minutes with no rest.

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Rucking and rowing are my favorites.