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Cardio only for fatloss?

Anyone doing cardio while keeping cals at maintenance( or above) in order to achieve fatloss? Im currently doing this( 500 cals of jogging) and I see good results without need ing to lower my metabolism( which happens when restricting cals). Its quite painful and shows excellent results- why didn´t I do this before? I used to go on cal restricted diets+ extra cardio with LESS results than I get from only cardio. Anyone else doing this approach? Im quite lean (8%bf) and have a hard time getting leaner when restricting cals. Diet is about 40p-30f-30c.

I agree with you. I like to keep calories higher for several reasons and provide most of my energy deficit via exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic type work.

I do the same, follow a coach’s Davies type workout, need to keep those calories up to surive.

Patricia, I’m not too certian as to your point. You sound like your advocating or taking sides on something that escapes me. And, I’ve done a bit of fighting by the way, so I’m not going to get too caught up in your
credibility argument (as if that’s necessary).

You mentioned using bag training for cardio, so right there your admiting to a carido benefit, albeit in an ancilliary fashion, so what’s th issue? And yes, I’ve sparred in rounds too, especially when preparing, but I’ve also done far more “informal” sparring that ws not round oriented as many other have. So again, where’s the argument??

And I did Read Jason’s posts , so what are you trying to point out? I merely mentioned to you there were cardio benefits from fighting training. Not a ground-breaking assertion on my part.

And thanks for the recommendation on who to go to for trianing tips, but after fighting in many aspects for many years, and being surounded by fighters,I think I get get by. But thanks, it’s quite thoughfull of you…:slight_smile:

AW- im not sure why you are adressing Patricia in your reply? Anyway…

I never got o respond to you in the other thread, but since it moved to this one I can. I failed to mention that i think that roadwork is no longer necessary for a fighter. In fact if you throw in weight training, and fight training along with road work you are probably overtraining. My point was that round fighting does give you a slight aerobic workout however it is primarily anaerobic, just like doing a heavy set of squats of other powerlift. If you go hard for three minutes you will get winded however you have a full minute to recover. Hitting a heavy bag for 15-20 minutes, you are just throwing lack luster techniques for the majority of the time, and the longer you go the worse your technique beomes. Whats the point of being able to kick for 15 minutes straight if you are doing so with no power. You are conditioning your body to maintain a slow steady pace instead of going hard and then resting. When Patricia hits he bag for “cardio”,she was refering to a 3 minute round format, which is prmarily anaerobic, not a prolonged “exercise in futility”, as Bruce always used to say.

cardio good. starvation bad.

refeed just enough to replenish the glycogen burned performing cardio and watch the fat go bye bye. works for me too. :o) kevo