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Cardio on Sore Muscle Group


I've got an odd question. Yesterday i worked out my legs pretty good and they are showing some tightness and a little soreness. well today is my cardio day and i plan on running a few miles today.

Would running with sore/tight legs be good? i mean i can think of some positives as getting blood moving through your legs to help recovery but dont know anythign specific on if it would have a negative effect on me. What are your thoughts.

Thanks SERD


My legs use to get real sore after a heavy leg day and it would be sore for days. I started walking for 20 min after leg day and they are less sore and it goes away in day or two top.


I second that. I do light cardio on a treadmill the next day and it seems to help with the soreness.

Nothing beats walking like a gimp on day 2 after Leg Day.


yea i just back from a nice 3 mile run... felt pretty good i guess the soreness kept through me legs almost the whole time but i feel that i got some good blood circulating through my legs..


Notice what both of these guys said: they do LIGHT cardio the next day, and it helps. I second this.

However, the original poster was asking about "running", which I interpret as fairly intense cardio, and I would highly advise against doing that while your legs are still broken down from weight training.


From very recent experience I have to disagree. I just (literally got down stretching 5 minutes ago) got back for doing a sprint pyramid:

Yesterday I did squats and cleans and was very sore today, but now after the run I feel much better. Quads still alittle sore, but no were near as much as before.

On the other hand could be just me, I sprint alot.


2300 meters of sprinting?? Good lord son!


Personally I take a day off before quads and a day after. Recover is where the growth occurs. Light stretching and a walk will illeviate some of the soreness but let those babys recuperate.


I've read that doing heavy cardio before or after a leg day is definately not good for strength gains.

-IMO, light cardio wouldn't deprive you of any serious gains.