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Cardio on Off Days Hamper Gains?

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With an intense program, steady state is king imo.

Try it for a month or so and see what you think.[/quote]

Cardio will only hamper an early death. Its important, not just for epic leans, but for overall heart health. Not to mention you feel & function better, and will be able to perform better in the weightroom as well.

If your training hard, steady state should be the only thing you can consistently manage…don’t know how some of you guys can bust ass in the weight room and then do HIIT or Tabata or stuff like that.[/quote]
Yeah, after leaving it all under the bar, I simply don’t have the energy for hiit. Not on an intense weight routine.

Isn’t Wendler a proponent of hill sprints in conjunction with 5/3/1? You should look for what he’s written on the subject.

Decent article on sprinting in ways that really won’t hamper recovery. Though, with BBB, you work legs 3x a week. Seems like SS is the way to go for that particular program.

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I’m currently doing BBB on the 4 day program. I’m gaining weight and adjusting calories so I’m in surplus constantly. If I was to add in low intensity cardio on off days for an hour would it slow down my muscle gains or would it limit fat gains? [/quote]

Read the article on the BBB challenge. Also, there was an article recently about walking, I believe by Mr. Henriques.

I wouldn’t over think things. Just eat more and be consistent. Weight on the bar + weight on the scale = you have everything under control.


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stairmaster is the master.[/quote]




(x4) usually I will do this with anywhere between 50-80 backpacking pack on.

Appearently though the stairmaster we have DOES have a weight limit…ha ha hah.

The Devil himself designed the StepMill…

On off-days, I usually do some sort of HIIT or low intensity cardio preferably on a stepmill.

I like to incorporate sprints once a week and try to get my other HIIT in on the bike or elliptical. I think it can be a good addition to a training routine that won’t hinder progress if you are getting in the right nutrients/programming it correctly.