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Cardio on cycle?


About to start first cycle and was curious how much cardio would be ideal while using gear?


I have a feeling you should share what you are using...


Ah yes dbol and test cyp


Well........what are your goals? Pure fat loss? All out bulk?


Well I have a show in may so I will be massing for the next couple of months but I figured itd be a good idea to stay up on cardio


while running the dbol (without adex) you will probably get a little disgusted from doing cardio and not seeing any results or atleast keeping what you had because of water weight/bloat...


I wasnt aware that dbol cause so much water retention but I have an AI-Exemastane.
I was just curious whats the regular amount one does while on cycle I do plan on cutting down when it comes closer to the show but while on cycle ill be intaking 4-5k cals on a some what clean diet.


i have to use adex at about .5mg EOD when on 600mgTest e and 30mged dbol to keep my left nipple from itching. and use same when on 600mg Test and 600mg Tren

this is what i quickly learned from my 1st cycle im on now, week 10.


I play basketball about 3 times a week, if that counts.


dbol sux


I wouldn't say dbol sux. At the moment I'm at the beginning of my 5th week of dbol 60mg ED (with 750mg of Test E/week) and together with adex at 0,5mg EOD my bloat is within limits. Sure my abs are not visible anymore, but hey it's a bulk for some reason...

Dbol gives me a good feeling, tons of strength and good gains.

My sides are: back pumps all day long, increased blood pressure (upper at 14 when normally I have 11-12), sometimes short of breath.

Will I ever run it again? Perhaps at a higher dose for 4 weeks instead of the 6 weeks I got scheduled this time.