Cardio on AAS or Not?

Hi everyone
Greetings from India
So recently I came across an article about steroids causing cardiac hypertrophy.
And I have read numerous articles on cardio being important while on steroids!
So if AAS indeed cause cardiac hypertrophy, would it not make more sense in not doing cardio and get it not to beat harder (considering the fact that muscle grows more when used while using steroids)
Just a newb question, and only for knowledge purpose

Weight lifting in general (especially heavier lifting) causes cardiac hypertrophy, as does cardio training. The difference between the two is concentric hypertrophy versus eccentric hypertrophy.

Concentric hypertrophy takes place under high load, higher intensity, high pressure training, ie weightlifters, powerlifters, high intensity/short duration sports suchas wrestling. This is where the walls of the left ventricle (the main pumping chamber of the heart) build more muscle and thicken. This allows for the heart to contract harder and with more velocity, but chamber volume is the same as before or even decreased due to the thickening.

Eccentric hypertrophy is caused by high volume, lower intensity, low pressure training such as that found in most endurance training programs (long, slow, distance type cardio or steady state cardio). This results in greater ventricular chamber volume, causing more blood to be moved with each contraction.

So balancing the two is important for proper heart health and function, especially for athletes who move between the different HR ranges. If you have ever watched an MMA fighter who is muscular, lean and ripped go into the cage and gas out within a round or two, that is most likely due to concentric hypertrophy - his heart is conditioned for brief, intense bouts of exertion rather than the longer time necessary to complete a fight.

The other health benefits of cardio training are important in order to counteract the negative health effects of an AAS cycle - increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

To answer your specific question, doing steady state cardio (stimulating eccentric hypertrophy) a few times a week would be a smart thing to do for any lifter, but especially one on cycle.