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Cardio on a Cycle


Can anyone point me to any research papers on the effect of cardio workouts while cycling? Most online advice seems to advise that you keep the cardio extremely light during a cycle in order to prevent catabolism, but I'd like to see some studies if possible to aid in my training research.

Any help will be most appreciated.



Actually it would all depend on your goals and body type. If you want to put on as much mass as possible and your already at a lower/average BF% and/or you are not prone to putting on body fat while gaining mass then it wouldn't be in your best interests to do any cardio at all since you would just be burning valuable calories. If you are prone to putting on fat while gaining weight or are at a higher BF% then I would include some sort of cardio to keep the gains as lean as possible. I would recomend doing some sort of sled dragging, sprints, etc. or if you lack creativity just hop on a bike for 20-30min. There are a bunch of good articles and various opinions on what type of cardio is best based on your goals. Try searching some articles on T-Nation and on eliteFTS. If you are trying to loose fat then cardio is a must IMO. One of the great things about being on a cycle is you really don't have to worry too much about catabolism. If you are not doing anything extreme (ie. running marathon's, etc.) then you shouldn't have any problems. Just use common sence and listen to your body.


Thanks for the advice Pete, but it was actual research that I was looking for. In the past I've tended to stay away from cardio during mass cycles (except for my martial arts), but I'm starting to think that there must be a more scientific way to keep cardio as part of my routine without losing any of the gains that I make from AAS, and without impinging on my recovery time.


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What is your metabolism like?What body type are you?ex.ectomorph?Different strokes for different folks man.Nothing wrong with research but hey......Why not ask the lab rats that pin?I agree with bushboy on this as it has been my experience also.Obliged to help anyway I can Tone.



I train with a group of competing powerlifters at the moment, so training heavy is the only option;-D

My research was really just to see if I could hone my training regime to get the maximum benefits when on a cycle.

One thing I have noticed is that switching from my old training style (which was more BB in nature), to a regime that is predominately core exercise led has made all the difference to my functional strength. What I don't want to lose is my stamina while on AAS. This is the balance I'm trying to maintain.

I was just curious to see if any studies had been conducted that would help me to perfect this balancing act.



Hi Bis,

My metabolism is a little slow. I'm a mesomorph with endo- tendencies. I put on muscle real, real easy, but shifting BF can be a bitch (especially now that I'm in my 30's).

During winter I'm usually about 15% BF and during the summer this comes down to 8-10%, but this is only through constant training and diet. I just have to look at a donut for the pounds to go on.

I have one long AAS cycle a year purely for my own pleasure, with a couple of very short maintenance cycles throughout the rest of the year as top-ups. I train in various different martial arts throughout the year. I've lifted weights since I was 14, which probably explains why I'm currently 260 pounds:wink:

I appreciate any advice that you can offer Bis

Many thanks,



I'm a powerlifter myself and I follow the same basic protocol as Bushi does with some slight modifications. I use this as active recovery and to increase my GPP. Generally I will do about 10min or moderate cardio followed by 10min of circuit training and then I will either do very light sled dragging or 10min of cardio again. I keep under 30 min total and follow it with some light stretching and mobility work. Then I hit an epson salt bath if I really feel beat down.

The circuit work will always be dictated by what workout it follows. If it follows ME Bench then it will consist of bar presses or very light DB presses for either 15-100 reps or for time. Then some tricep, shoulder, lat and forarm work. Really I use this as a feeder workout to aid in my recovery so i will generally do the same exercises that I performed on the previous day.

The goal is to increase your heart rate(perfect for cardio) and flush the muscles with blood. I do not take rests bettween stations. As far as the sled work, I will pick something that needs extra work or extra recovery and use a movement that hits that area. Everything must be done with a specific purpose in mind. I will do this workout the day after my ME work, so it will be done 2x a week. Most of the time I will also throw in one light cardio day for 30min of just walking or biking or something just to get me out of the gym.

As far as articles go, the only thing I can suggest is check out bodybuilding sites and look for articles on contest prep. that would be your best bet. Those guys generally do 30-40min 3-6x/wk from what I recal. Not good for strength but I guess it will get you leaner and prettier..lol. If strength is of greater concern, then I would check out some of the articles by Louie Simmons at West Side Barbell relating to GPP, recovery and extra workouts.

Again nothing on juicin' but many of the guys who follow these systems are 'on' and have achieved great results. I am not to familiar with martial arts training, but I know dragon door and eliteFTS have a bunch of articles on conditioning for MMA fighters. Hope that helps,


Tone I would try some of bushi's regimen if I were you.One thing........don't let your body get complacent with the routine.You have to tweek this stuff around some.Let us know how it goes bro.



Thanks for the advice Pete. I'm probably just a little too anal when it comes to my training, but I'd rather be like that than have no focus at all.

Again thanks for the advice Biscuite, but I'd stop signing of with Bushi's name unless you want to make the Welsh Hulk angry. LOL.


20min 3 x a week moderate intensity
it will help while on a cycle
it increase blood flow bottom line
this will benifit in your weight training routine.


In all honesty, I doubt seriously that catabloism would be an issue at all while on. Maybe if you were dieting and already in single digits, I could understand.


Thanks for everyones help. I found a great article in T-Nation that gave me enough research information for my geeky nature: