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Cardio on a Cut Cycle

Curious what you guys think works best on cut cycles.

Ss cardio in morning or hiit after your weight work?
Cycle is VAR 60 mg daily test prop 150 eod
Anastrozle.25 eod hgh 4 iu daily

Goal is lean mass strip off fat
Diet low carb high protein bw x 17 = cals

You’re already playing on easy mode mane no worries and cardio’s not even a determinant in successful dieting for body composition. Hakuna matata

Srsly tho depends how lean you are or want to get.

Especially on low carb and after a full session of lifting (which is pointless mind you) HIIT will start feeling pretty shit real quick. May end up being Medium IIT instead lel. If you can do it early in the cut go for it but when it becomes unsustainable switch over to LISS.

LISS is probably better for you if you had to choose one right from the start. Lets you go as long as you want without smashing you, burning however many extra calories you need to. In this way it’ll minimally affect your lifting, where you’ll need to keep intensity up to hold onto max muscle, and leave you feeling better overall during your diet.

Personal favourite cardio is to jump on a stationary bike and spin my legs at 100rpm until I hit enough time/calories. Put on an episode of your favourite television show and the time flies right by and you don’t feel the burn as much because you’re distracted by the entertainment.

EDIT: also fasted cardio is bullshit broscience to the max:

Cardio (especially LISS) is orexagenic i.e. it directly increases orexin - the hormone responsible for appetite.

What peptide would you recommend to improve discipline/adherence to diet?

I guess I just never questioned morning cardio…seems like every dude ive known has done it sine 20s. When I say low carb I dont mean no carb just not tons…the standard about a fist size with 3 meals. As far as lean goes Im 13% -15% now… Would like to get back to 10% been slacking on diet & wo…so yea i know Im cheating by juicing but meh fuck it…nobody’s testing me

I would do morning fasted cardio, with some BCAA’s, low intensity, some albuterol could help speed this process up

An excellent question. Personally I use GHS (growth hormone secreagogue) peptides (ipamorelin and mod GRF specifically) upon waking, to cause a pulse of endo GH and therefore liberate fatty acids into the bloodstream. But, more importantly (IMO) I use either melanotan II or pt141 (does everything MTII does but without the tanning) to blunt appetite an FORCE FATTY ACID OXIDATION.

So I get a hugely synergistic effect. Even if I don’t use the GHS peptides, I will use the pt141, because I like to ‘toggle’, .i.e spend the first part of the day burning fat and the second part of the day building muscle.

I got clen… Was gonna run it in 2 week spurts during the 12 weeks
Yea morning cardio on heavy lift days
Hiit after workout on arm/shoulder days
No cardio leg days
Seems like the best way to maximize fat burn and keep muscles growing
1 off day per week
8-10hrs sleep
No booze
I know the drill

To gurus point…Ive always been told hgh in morning sq for fat loss or im post wo for muscle gainz. However the docs and the instructions all say sq before bed. Ive tried it multiple ways cant say I see much diff… Personally I just take in morning because Im used to the schedule

peptides will lean you out, The reason I like the albuterol better is higher doses are tolerated with less side effects. ketofien can be added to avoid tolerance