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Cardio on a Boat w/ no Equipment?


Well I say no equipment but we do have a rowing machine.

Unfortunately I find that with what I'm sure seems to be good technique it still gives me a bad back. I've had no back injury but I do have to look after my back 24/7 by either stretching my hamstrings daily to allow sitting withuot putting pressure on the lower back, or by not sitting.

My technique is keeping the back locked out and generating power from the legs. I've even experimented with only moving the legs and keeping arms locked out and unused - even that put pressure on my back. I can only presume I have a sensitive back if other people don't have this problem.

So, the only cardio machine I can't use. But I need cardio and I can feel it.

What else can I do? We have 3 flights of 10 step stairs but the stopping and starting with walking doesn't seem to give much effect. I can't run up them as this is a working environment.

Any ideas? I want something I can keep going for just 15mins a day.


skipping rope


mini cicuit of body weight exercises. Ie. 10 push ups, 10 squats thrusts, 10 rows (if you have a band), 30 second plank etc...no rest inbetween and continue for as long as you can or want to. Obviously you can get creative with the exercises depending on what you have at your disposal in terms of equipment and space.

Maybe try some of the neural charge body weight stuff too. I know its not cardio in the tradionaly sense but it will get your heart rate up if you keep the rest to a minimum.


Agreed. Maybe if you can mount a heavy bag you can work that, or bring a medicine ball on to work with... use your mind but you can do bodyweight shit all day. It's better than nothing.


high rep squats
tabata protocol with near any exercise
tractor tire flips
high rep cleans
hitting the heavy bag
running stairs
farmer's walks
pushing a car across the parking lot

anything that can get the heart rate up should be considered cardio. so you are only limited by your imagination


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If you're worried about your rowing technique I would talk to liquidmercury... He's a rowing coach.

For "cardio" I would recommend jumping rope, burpees, mountain climbers... Stuff like that.


Re-read where he talks about his back pain and then explain how the hell you can recommend these.

Re-read the title of the thread and then explain how the hell you can recommend these.

No, he's really not.

Other advice so far has definitely been spot on. Bodyweight exercises can be killer.


Skipping rope.
Shadow boxing

Also your on a boat, jump in and have a swim!



And burpees.

Better than any cardio machine anyway.


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Rope between the teeth, swim, tow the boat.