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Cardio Needed or Not?


My goal is to reach 8-10% bodyfat. Currently i am lifting 6-7 days a week but thinking of maybe lowering it to 4 days and adding 3 days of cardio instead.

This is my diet plan:
One lemon with warm water in the morning with one apple and vegtables and shrimp.
Then i take 6g of EAA with 5g of creatine pre-workout
Post workout: 50g of whey protein with 0,5 liter of low fat milk
One avocado in the evening.
Then i have another meal with vegtables and either shrimp/chicken/beef/eggs
Then i might have another of the above meal depending on how hungry i am.
I also take 5 caps of fish oil spread between meals.

I usually listen to my body so the macros vary a bit day to day. But usually it is something like 140-160g of protein, 50-150g of carbs 40-60g of fat.
Here is some stat:
Weight 150lbs
Length 5´10
Age 23
I estimate my bf to be 15-19% currently,i can see abs when i am not bloated, 4 directly after the gym but still have some love handles also not much
My question is,what strategy should i go for:
A: Your diet is good enough and you should just focus on lifting and you will reach 8-10% bf
B: You should also add in cardio,3 days a week and only lift 4 times.

Should i go for A or B?


How long have you been eating that much? I would say start measuring to make sure your getting what you think. If your struggling to drop while lifting that much and eating that little the listening to your body and eye balling it isn't working.


For 1 month, but before that i had more carbs but still ate quite healthy. Since i only eat vegtables right now beside the meat i would say the carb measure is quite correct,the fat one is hard as i can't measure the ccoking oil used.I have dropped some fat while it seems i have been able to maintain my mass which is why i think the scale haven't moved for me much since 2 weeks. My strength has meanwhile actually gone up.
But given my strict diet,i am not sure if weight training alone will allow me to reach the level of leaness i want.And i would like to get there quite soon,1-2 months time frame. I also love lifting weights which is why i do it so often,but i figured i might be forced to lowering it and instead do cardio to get even greater fatloss.


Personally I see no reason to drop the weights down if you enjoy it.

You are getting 50-150g of carbs from green veggies?

So you are maintaining mass and dropping fat and increasing strength?

What is the problem?


I would actually like to add some cardio only for cardiovascular health as i feel strength training alone doesn't improve my stamina.

Yes, i like to eat alot, an apple contrains 20g of carbs alone,togather with the milk it's 25g and then maybe quark or more fruit, it goes to something like 60 and from my meals i think i get an additional 40g as i also use a little sweet chili sauce. So a total of atleast 100g
Problem right now is,even though i eat not so much carbs the scale doesn't seem to move,like i should have atleast burned 1lb of fat a week. Muscle and strength wise ,things are going forward but i am afraid my fatloss appears to be stalling.I don't want to see that i am at the same place 1-2 months from now bodyfat-wise


It would be easier to assess your nutrition if you gave your macros. You just mentioned some foods without any quantities. How many calories are you taking in daily? If you want to do cardio, add it in by all means. You need to up your calories if you do so.

Also, I think just consistently eating slightly above your maintenance calories will allow you to burn some of that fat while allowing your to build muscle. 5'10" and 150 is pretty thin, especially if you think your bodyfat is that high. A full on cut won't give you your desired results.


Strangely i woke up today being 2,5 lbs heavier. I actually after assessing my nutrients i came to the conclusion that i might be getting in more fat then i thought as i never measured the cooking oil before. I think this might be the explanation.
I have modifed my nutrition and training into this:
Day 1: Legs
Day 2:Cardio/Core/Chins
Day 3:Delts/Chest
Day 4:Cardio/Core/Chins
Day 5:Back/Traps
Day 6:Cardio/Core/Chins
Day 7:Arms

So it is one day on ,one day off(i do cardio on off days). I really like to workout so i can't take a real off day.

And my nutrition is like this:
Upon waking up, one lemon piece with hot water.
Meal 1: vegtables with shrimp or chicken and also a little sweet chili sauce ,3 caps of fish oil
Meal 2: pre-workout, 300g off mixed berries and 6g of EAA and 5g of creatine
Meal 3: shake with 0,5dl low fat milk and 50g of protein coming from whey
Meal 4: Vegtables with shrimp or chicken with quark and also a little sweet chili sauce auce with 3 caps of fish oil
Meal 5: same as above but not fish oil or eggs(i rarely eat eggs and when i do,only 1-2 yokes and the rest only egg white)

I kind of try to listen to my body,sometimes the portion can be bigger if i am more hungry and sometimes it might be less. The vegtables i use is a mix of carrots,broccoli,califlower,apple and etc... and i buy it frozen,it says there is like 3,5g of carbs per 100g which is very little.
The upper limit of my macros and worst case scenario is this: 160g of protein, 100-150g of carbs and 65g of fat.
This roughly translates to about 1500 cals which is not that much and considering i workout daily or do cardio,it should be within range for fatloss.What do you think?

My goal right now is to be somewhere between 8-10 bf %. Is further adjustment needed or is this good enough for me to reach this goal?