Cardio Late at Night?

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The reason I want to train twice a day? Well I like to train it helps me escape my stresses and I also want to progress as fast as possible as cardio is just as important to me as gains[/quote]
I suggest you consider the 90-minute after work walk to be training. Especially if you’re already lifting and doing boxing work, simple walking is fine, for reasons discussed here.

I had a bit of a brain fart when I thought you were aiming particularly for fat loss, but you do have fat to lose along the way. I just get nervous when I see guys who’re already carrying bodyfat start pounding a bunch of milk in the hopes of seeing or “preserving” muscle. Check The Story of Artem, for more reasons why.

I understand not having money for decent food, and it sucks. But there are still ways to eat productively without resorting to junk. A can of green beans bought at the dollar store is still a can of green beans. The “Muscle on a Budget” articles, Part 1 and Part 2, have some ideas that can help.

Like Yogi said, determination is great, but if it’s not tethered to a smart nutrition and training plan, it’ll get you into trouble and wasted time/effort.

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