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Cardio Ideas


Do any of yall have any new (different) ways of doing cardio? i absolutely abhor running, and have recently started pounding on an old tire with a 10 lb sledgehammer. yalls thoughts?




Sledehammer's good. Sprint's good. Look up "Indescent Intervals" for a good suggestion.

But really, any form of cardio is going to be good if used judiciously, whether it be steady state, semi-fasted, HIIT, etc.


It's definitely not intense, but just do fasted morning cardio by briskly walking. Does the trick every time.

That, or Dance Dance Revolution if you take the time to be good at it. (No, I'm not kidding.)


^^ I will admit to working up full-out sweats doing ddr on the hardest mode. that shit is absurdly good cardio.

i also like hitting the heavy bag. i usually hit for a song (i cant do cardio without music, and i cant lift with music), then do body weight squats/jumps/push ups/crunches/etc for a song, grab a quick sip of water, then repeat.


Personally I like sprints. I can't comfortably run the miles and miles I used to. Sprints can be varied and you can use a sled or weight vest, try various inclines, and mix them up with cals like burpees, bear walks, crab walks, eight counts, monkey fuckers, hindu squats etc.

Jumping rope is excellent and also can be mixed up with cals for the same effect. Getting a heavy bag and punch kick and carry the beejeezus out of it will make your heart feel like it's going to burst. Mix it up so it's fun and not a chore you would rather avoid. The only limit is your imagination.


btw (not to brag but just as anecdotal evidence)at 45 I had a physical in November and my resting pulse rate is in the 50s and my B/P is 117/74, lipid profile was all good.
So even though I don't go out for any more 15 mile runs I guess what I do is working.


i like your idea about doing sleds, i used to hafta do those for football and they kicked my butt. do you know somewhere to find a ultra cheap one? or plans to build one, i've got welders and cutting torches and whatnot if i do gotta build one.


I just use an old tire with sandbags attached to it and pull that with tubular nylon snap linked to an old military H-harness. Sandbags weight about 50-55 pounds each when full so you can add resistence pretty easily.

While not as nice as something you get at Iron Mind, it works fine.


Also not kidding: wii boxing. =D

Sprinting seems to be a lot more tolerable to people who hate running.


If you like soccer you can juggle and perform some tricks (elastico, Zidane move, roll..). I like to mix bike, jump rope and some jugglin and tricks, works great and is also fun but bodyweight has some minor impact on agility needed to this stuff.
Anyway still fun.


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Sled dragging or sandbags.



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If you dislike any sort of running, rope jumping is a very good solution. You can work in intervals that can be at least as hard as short running sprints, and even tougher on your coordination.

For some people, like me, rope jumping builds the calf muscles like a motherfucker. It's best to learn proper technique and use a fast moving lightweight rubber rope. If you know anyone who's into boxing, that's the place to go learn from.


One from Ross training that I remember was 30 seconds burpees, 30 seconds shadow boxing, repeat, rest one minute. Start with 4-5 rouns then either work your way up or decrease rest periods. Also try barbell complexes and turbulence training's bodyweight cardio.


Tire Flipping!


thats pretty legit. ingenious one might say. i think ima hit up the army-navy store tomorrow after school and grab some sandbags and hopefully the h-harness


20 rep squats


Bodyweight Circuits