Cardio - HIIT or Low Intensity?

Being on a calorie deficit, is HIIT best for fat loss or low intensity(like 30 min slow run/walk). My fat% is 23 and LBM is 54 kg.
I weigh 68kgs and my somatotype is ecto.
My metabolism is quiet low due to a severe muscle loss in my body.

It’s an individual thing. I have better results with LISS, but others swear by HIIT.

That said, perhaps focusing on gaining muscle mass would be better for you at this juncture?


But shouldn’t I get down to 15% body fat first.
My limbs are quiet thin. But I have a big belly and my hip size is .91

No, especially not if you’re carrying less muscle than normal secondary to “severe muscle loss.” Muscle burns calories, so if you don’t have much muscle, your metabolism is going to be that much slower.

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Right …makes sense totally. So my BMR is 1700.
I’m aiming to consume 2000 kcal per day.
I workout in the morning at an intermediate level. So, could you suggest a pre workout meal.
I was planning on having 1/2 scoop whey (12gms protein) + 300 ml milk (9 grams protein) or one banana + 1 scoop whey.

How did you arrive at this number?

Well I used the Harris benedict equation.
BMR I calculated equalled to 1741(sorry, not 1700)
So, I referred to various articles on gaining which said that if I want to gain, I need to increase my calorie intake by 400-500 than my BMR

Did you adjust the calculated BMR for activity level?

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Umm, no I haven’t.
Okay so here it is, ( I multiplied my BMR with 1.55 as I’m gonna work 6 times a week with moderate intensity)
TDEE is 2680.26 and I’ve never eaten so much.:no_mouth:

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Honestly, the type of cardio depends on how you lift, how many rest days, whether you do split routines, how your health such as joints are, how you eat, and lastly, what you enjoy.

Well I’m on a calorie deficit of about 1400 but will be going on calorie surplus for gaining as suggested by eyedentist.
Well I’m just curious to know, does HIIT works for thin people with big bellies who have also had severe muscle loss.
And lastly, according to the aerobic energy system, long duration low intensity utilizes fats for energy so why HIIT is better for fat loss than slow cardio.

I wouldn’t recommend HIITS in your routine if a beginner unless you’re under a time crunch. With HIIT you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time because it increases your metabolism because it’s supposed to be “intense”. So, intense your body is burning and sweating longer than ss. You can gain muscle but it’s usually more in the legs and some in the stomach.

If you chose HiIT would you be running, elliptical, biking? I’ll go with cycling because it’s low impact and you don’t have leg mass and say jump roping, sprinting, anything hard on joints would be too taxing…so, make sure you warm up and then give it a try…pedal as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Then, pedal at a slow pace for two to and a max of 5 minutes. Repeat this for 10-30 minutes depending on conditioning.

Overall HIIT produces health benefits in a shorter amount of time. You’ll see lower body fat, lower blood pressure and heart rate. I have heard it helps with blood sugar but I’m not a dr.

Hope this helps🤗

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It definitely helped.
Thank you so much😄

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No problem. I am glad it helped. :hugs:

Have you tried it? :hugs: