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Cardio Help for Lineman


Hi, 2 years ago, I decided to play football and they put me d line.
So I went to a skinny 150lbs with cardio to 190lbs with half the cardio I had.

Then, now I finished high school and I'm going to college (in canada) im 17 years old.

So to play there , I need to bulk up a lot because I'm the smallest d line outta 13 but the fastest.

So now, I'm around 200lbs, eating a lot lot lot, and I said to me that I had to get more cardio because I didn't run or do anything for a long time.

So I went to the park, jogged 400 m, was dead, my ankle and around hurted like shit, it was like paralyzed. So I stretched warmed up, tried to spint a 400m , but I couldn't finish, was dead after 200m.
So I relaxed , and just said I would jog, jogged 400m and I was dead, my lower back hurted like hell, it also happens when I train. It is very hot outside, and I sweat sooo much.

What can I do to start back from nothing ?? I really need to up my cardiovascular for football while maintening my size/speed. Anyone have a cardio program for me ??

I train 3x / week with low reps.


Search for the running man article on this site, add that in on one day in between your lifting. ANother day in between lifting you could jump rope and on the other day do some sled pulls. THen eat and rest!


All right I play football too. I play ILB and I am an ofensive linemen, Guard. You are doing the wrong conditioning for a linemen. You should be flipping tires( for distance, for time). For conditioning you should also be pushing, pulling cars, trucks.

Their is no reason for you to be running 400 m if you are serious about football. and I can't believe you are only 200 lbs. I'm 16 and I am 6'1 240.


I'm 5'9, 205, and I play o line too. I was a starter on the line on jv and I'll start on o line as varsity because we have no one bigger that can play. There are bigger guys, but they are slow and weak. With my build I'd make a
better fullback.
I just went for a mile run today, but thats out of character for me. A one day thing. I usually do sled drags, farmers walks, etc. Any GPP with a sled or weights is great. Find some of Dan John's articles and get his GPP video. Someone mentioned tire flipping, that and other strongman stuff should work.


im 15yr 6'0 at 270 and play oline and Defence as a tackle at my HS. I use to try the 400 m like 4 times a week but i was to big for that and got too burnt out and all that weight on my ankles wasent good and on an sprain one but i have tryed car pushing. I started after a trainer i knew told me about it and GPP and did it.

And it worked on my explovsivness alot. After long peroids of pushing for long distances and short rest your legs and arms especially the calves will be burning. I want to do tire flipping so bad but i cant get a hand on a big tractor tire. Next off season im going to find me a tractor tire. A new goal to add to the list.


I agree 1005 with this tell us how many times are you going to be needing to go ALL OUT 400meter in your ar hell any posistion on a football team??

You need that Power endurnce like the above eludes to. Be able to bring the heat for 10-15 seconds harder than anyone else, faster than any one else etc.

If anything consistant 400 meter runs will tear you up inhibit the important training you do. Sure jog some hike etc to keep your cardio in but work on the imnportant stuff save the energy for things that transfer better, the above as well as sprints. maybe HIIT.

Also man they must build line small in the north 200 hell thats wide out wieght there bud Buck up, eat, aim to keep and gain speed, explosiveness, and power.

Best of luck.


bro im 210 and 5 7 so considerbaly stockier than you and i can still runa sub 1min 400meters.

but that is tottaly besides the point you are a lineman the most your will be running is 20meters and that is sort f distance is unlikely to be honest.

you need to do

  1. http://www.defrancotraining.com/articles/archive/articles_strongman.htm

not so footbal based but still very good conditioning for any sportman


  1. 3min rounds on a punch bag

  2. up downs

  3. car pulling/ pushing, sled pulls

  4. hill sprints are good get hill whihc is steep and run up it 20meters and then jog/ walk down.

hope it helps laddy and goog luck


Dude, congrats on going to college. If you want to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic threshold, do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Tabata style.

You can do resisted or non-resisted. I train HS and college Vballers/Bballers using both in the same workout and it works great.

As an aside, I am nearly 50 and I have done both in the same workout. Believe me, it is a butt kicker and only lasts 4 minutes.

Be sure to eat and drink lots because you will certainly need. it

What school are you going to?


Holy Crap. I can't even imagine being 270lbs at 15 years of age. At 15, I was barely crossing 130lbs, if that. No offense, but what does your waist measure at that weight?


prof X i was a 350 pound lineman in highschool and a prop in rugby too :stuck_out_tongue: this is before i decdied to drop weight.

i was big and REALLY fat, but i was strong and hard to move around :wink: mabye football and rugby was the reason when i decided to get this fat off i had 200 some odd pounds of lean body mass on me and had never done weight training?


Many obese people have lean body mass in excess of that of a normal sedentary person. It has been proven that even if someone doesn't train, some of their added weight gain will be lean body mass.

This is why I believe in bulking up and why that 130lbs kid I used to be is now over 270lbs. I am just amazed at a kid weighing that much at 15 years of age. I knew some big dudes in high school, one of which competed in bodybuilding contests and was winning them. However, 270lbs at that age is something I don't see very often.

Then again, the inner city school my dad used to teach at was attended by kids who would put the majority of the posters on this board to shame in terms of muscle mass. That was also shocking to see some 14 year old nearly as big as I was after several years of training. 270lbs, however, just makes me wonder about the kid's health. That can't be "mostly muscle" at that age.


probably not X unless hes assisted, there was a few guys on our team that were using steroids and they were massive guys. i was actually one of the smaller linemen, our biggest guy was close to 500 pounds and he didnt look to be obese, just had a belly and otherwise looked muscular

there wasnt many inbetweens you were either big and fat or small and thin

i cant wait for the day to weigh 270 lean, heck im waiting for the day to weigh below 270, means im one step closer to being lean, then i can finally start my first bulk ever. i figure since im 286 now ill probably get down to 240 before i should start bulking


i got a 41" waist


Im not one of those unhealthy fat asses i can assure you. Im a healthy fatass. Im not slugish or out of shape( maybe alil but not much ) actually i pretty hyper? I been in the bulking stage since i was 4 years old.


Did your parents start you lifting weights early?


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

'lol' just quite doesn't cut it for that one.


Some big kids here. 270 pounds. Damn!


naw, i just started lifting freshmen year of HS when i started football( so like august) But i was intrested in lifting at 5th grade but my mother was scared of me stunting my growth and stuff.


o yea is that good 270 with a 41' waist?


It's better than I thought. I personally have never seen a 15 year old with stats like that.