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I was lifting 3-4 days per week and running upwards of 6 miles 2-3 days a week. This obviously led to overtraining (sore joints etc) and not much in the way of strength or mass gains. I've switched to a 3-day split (New Rules of Lifting).

My question is would 2 days of HIIT running or barbell complexes combined with 15-20 min of steady state running be too much or enough to maintin a high degree of cardiovascular conditioning.

3 days of heavy weight training does make barbell complexes unappealing at times. What sort of cardio/gpp do you work into your weight training programs?

5'9" 159lbs
Bench 220
Squat 250
Dead 310


I looked around a bit. NROL is basically Starting Strength but with one day 5x5, one day 4x10, then one day 3x12-15 right?

It really depends on your training. If you're reaching failure a lot in your weightlifting workouts then HIIT might be too intensive..but really, I think in your case, it depends even more on your diet.

You, more than likely, went into "overtraining" because you weren't providing your body with enough calories to balance out all the calorie "output".

If you're diet's not in check, you might as well throw that all out the window.


hmmm, that is something to consider. With a reduction in cardio I was able to gain approximately 7lbs since the end of november with no change in waist size.

....But seriously, how about some more replies from people.


I'm just wondering, why are you wanting to do so much cardio? Just to maintain your conditioning? What are your goals?

I'm not a big fan of hiit in general. And I loathe running. But if you are going to do it, I would venture to say just 1 or 2 sessions per week would be more than enough to maintain your conditioning level.

Personally, I swing the sledgehammer 2-3 times a week (around 20 minutes). No knee problems, and my heartrate goes sky high. That's pretty much it. If I wanted to lose weight, I would add a couple of sessions per week along with some steady state done immediately after.


Tell me more about this sledge hammer routine. I am interested in alternative means of elevating my heartrate because I find it difficult at times to get motivated to do HIIT. I need to maintain a high level of cardiovascular conditioning to keep bodyfat to minimum and also, in my line of work I somewhat frequently apprehend fleeing and combative individuals with zero prep time making anaerobic capacity essential


In the backyard, I have a tire buried halfway in the ground. Basically, I go out aiming to hit the tire a certain number of times. This week I'm at 275 strikes. I time how long it takes me to reach that number, then the next session I try to beat or at least meet that time.

I get really focused while I'm at it, and I try to hit the tire with near maximal force every time. When I'm out of breath, I rest a bit, then start up again.

I might do 35 strikes, then 35 more, then 30, then 35, 15, etc. Oce I've hit the damn thing 275 times, I'm done.


do you alternate which you use/strike from?


No.  That isn't important anyway.  Your arms don't really get that fatigue anyway--most of the work is done by your legs and back.


I like......er em......Hate.....a combination of burpees alternated with jump rope!! That should do the trick :wink: