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Cardio frequency?

How often should cardio be done on a weekly basis? Everyday? 3 times a week?
What would you recomend?

No simple answer exists and I don’t think it ever will.

Examples -

Skinny hardgainer - no cardio

Obese person - everyday (mix of low, moderate and high intensity)

Typical T-Mag reader during a bulking cycle - 0-3 sessions a week of low/moderate intensity

Typical T-Mag reader during a cutting phase - 0-10 sessions a week of low/moderate/high intensity

Given a certain situation, we might be able to debate optimal amounts, but the amount of confounding factors would be overwhelming to come up with any good generalized suggestions.

Its about as individual as daily calorie requirements.

Cardio frequency now this is a great debate topic. I was just debating this w/ my boss at work. I came to the conclusion that normal client that goes to the gym will benfit more in longer steady state @ 75%-80% of their max heart rate for more then 45mins a session at 3-5 times a week and someone that has muscle or is all ready lower in bf will benfit more with a sprint intveral type of work-out. And everyone will benfit from a resistance/ sprint cardio combine work-out.

Never. Increase your GPP! Pull a sled. Flip a tire. do some jumping jacks. Skip some rope.

fitone, why do you say that? the original hiit study (by trembelay) wasn’t done on bodybuilders…they were “normal” people.