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Cardio for the Time Constrained

Hey guys-

Im trying to lose some BF, im right on the cusp of really getting it together. Im about 150 pds, 5, 6. I have a good 8 pounds to lose in fat. Im not sure about my actual bf%. My goal is to be about 155-160 ripped. The problem? I work 6 days a week and have 1 6 week old colic baby.

Time is a big problem.

I come from the line of habit of not doing cardio on lift days. I am getting to the gym 4 days so there isnt much time left for cardio. I have a excersize bike and eliptical trainer. Can I add 20-30 minutes later in the day after a big lift? I lift Mon/Tue then Thur/Fri. Any suggestions would help although Im stuck in the house with the baby.


This has worked really well for me and my wife. It is geared towards boxers and combat athletes that fight in “rounds”. Pick 3 exercises, my favorites are Burpees, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers. Set a timer for 30 seconds. Start the timer and every time it goes off change exercises, contiue for 3 mins (harder than it sounds. after this take a one minute break. repeat for 3 rounds. you can add a round every other week until you get to about five to eight rounds. I cant take credit for this I got it out of Ross Enamait’s books. another good combo is 30sec burpee, 1 min dumbell swings (30sec each arm), 30sec burpees then take a minute rest. Its fast, its hard and it works.

Yeah but did you do this on heavy lift days? My main problem is time so I wanted to know If adding cardio on my lift days will stop my gains.