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Cardio for someone with a broke leg??

I recently broke my leg playing sports and im still trying to diet down. Ive adjusted my food for the decreased activity level but am lacking ideas for cardio. Any help would be appreciated.

Some form of rowing? Modified calisthenics for high reps?


crutch hopping. tired me out!

Matt - Sorry to hear about your leg. I broke my femur (ouch) last summer in a motorcycle accident, and when they let me out of ICU I had the same questions.

You can use this time to really hit your upper body (bench press, seated military, pullups, arms, etc). I decided not to cut back calories because I didn’t want to slow any healing in the leg, and the upper body workouts should burn a lot too.

Good Luck…

Seriously, Tuesday’s pretty close. Jump. Buy yourself a rope and try not to fall over.

If your nonfunctional leg can handle the constant deceleration, jumping is major cardiovascular workout. Alternatively, you could attempt military-style up-downs.


Thanks guys for the info. much appreciated.