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Cardio For Powerlifters?

What kinda cardio do you guys recommend to cut a few KG’s for a meet, (Obviously water weight is also there.)
Currently 77,5KG’s I compete at 74KG never really bin over 74kg. until now. Due to not being able to train for a week ish, and just poor diet.

So today i did sprints 5 sets, 2 times back 2 times forth. 20meters. 30 secs rest. Wanna up this to 10 sets, do it couple times a week. Do them outside.

What do you think about that?
Ps. Dont have a sled.

These days, most experts (such as Greg Nuckols) recommend low intensity steady state cardio such as riding a bike or a brisk walk. Something like 15-20 minutes 1-3 times a week. HIIT (whether sled, sprints, prowler, etc.) will add too much fatigue and can have a negative effect on your training. It can still work, but LISS is better.

How close to your meet are you? Adding cardio (especially HIIT) less than a couple months out sounds like a bad idea. If anything, you would reduce the amount of cardio you do at that point. The main thing for weight loss is diet, you need to reduce fats and carbs. Adding cardio will just increase how much food you can eat and still lose weight, the main effect of cardio is developing your aerobic energy systems which are involved in recovery.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll start doeing LISS.

I’m about 6 weeks out from my meet. Not looking to win, or break any records. Just wanting to imrpove my previous total at roughly the same BW.
Side note, There’s actually a insanly strong dude competing, He is opening with a 10x body weight total! 66KG class. I thought that was pretty impressive for the kind of meet it is.

Back to weight loss!
Would it be as simple as just reducing my calories, not doeing the “crash dieting” in the weekends, And maby making sure i have an emty bladder pre weigh in?
Obviously doeing some cardio, and tracking my weight.
PS. I weigh myself at the gym, at around 5-6PM post workout. I’m looking into getting a scale for morning weigh ins.

If you are 6 weeks out then your best bet is to skip the cardio altogether and just fix your diet. You can cut out carbs a few days out from the meet, that alone should help drop a couple pounds or water weight. It’s not worth doing an actual water cut and it could hurt your performance, but there are some tricks to reduce your weight by a couple pounds before weigh in.

You also need to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, you can easily weigh 5lbs. more in the evening. Save the cardio for your next training cycle.


Drop carbs a week or so out. Cut fluids 18-24 hours out. That should take care of it.


Thanks for the reply.
How big of a % of my carbs would i cut out, like 50%?
Do i not drink any fluids, or just not any, like maby half a liter over the entire day?

Sorry if these are like obvious questions, First time having to drop weight for a meet, Second meet in general ahah.

I’d reduce carbs gradually at first say 75% day one, 50% day two and three, 25% day four and five (all guesstimates). If by day three you’re at the weight you need, obviously don’t reduce further. For water, I stop all liquid 18 hours out. Then a maybe 200 ml Gatorade the morning of weigh-in on waking if I’m at target weight. As soon as you weigh in sink as much Gatorade as possible.


Can walk your socks off…

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I can also steadily lose a pound a week by walking an hour a day and watching my diet.

Incomplete thread w/o cardio meme.

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