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Cardio for Powerlifters


Evening all.

I take my dog for a run each morning (dog runs and I ride bike) takes about 25mins.
I also ride bike to work/lunch and back. (Work trips total 4 10 min trips, not much I know)

I am currently using this as my cardio since I have to do this anyway.

I was just wondering on thoughts of eating before dog run or after? Essentially fasted steady state cardio.


I'm by no means an expert on ANYTHING. - that's my disclaimer -

I'd say it probably depends on your goals. The typical bodybuilder approach to dropping fat is empty stomach cardio with maybe some stims and BCAA's during the trip. Hopefully that will strip fat off of you and won't impede your strength. Whenever I start doing any cardio or dieting, regardless of what I'm doing for caloric intake, it seems like I get weaker.

If you're trying to keep your current weight or move up...definitely eat before, during etc...if you MUST walk your dog.