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Cardio for Natty Article: Programming Sprints and Walks?

If training…

Sunday- Off
Monday- Overhead Press
Tuesday- Squat
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- Bench Press
Friday- Off
Saturday- Deadlift

  1. Based on your article. When would you recommend the sprint days and when would you reccomend the walking days?

  2. I would like to do the sprints on separate days than lifting or right before the workout… I cannot do 2 sessions in same day

Thank you

You could sprint at the end of your lower body days (does it have to be two sessions?) and walk on your off days.

Feel free to disregard, just tossing out a time saver that i picked up.

In his article he says that after a workout is not a good time

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Word. Maybe the biggest mistake I did for years. But absolutely don’t disregard cardio altogether!

Yep. That’s why I’m trying to figure out which day or days would be the best based on my schedule I wrote above.

I’m thinking about 1 day doing lactate work of 30 sec on 2 min rest.

And another day of alactic work of 10 sec on and 90 sec rest

Hmm. 10s alactic means roughly a full on sprint. I love those, but we’re talking serious exercise. What do you have in mind? I wouldn’t recommend using a machine here.

Why not? Assault bike or recumbent bike for 10 sec all out is very good.

Hopefully coach Thibaudeau will chime in on this.

I know his new article says do at least 30 seconds for the benefits of lactate.

But I know his previous articles also stated to do alactic or 10 second sprints as well…

If your bike is good and you can really go all-out, no problem. Thing is, most people are limited by using a standard treadmill and think they did something close to 100%. If simply effort would translate that easily into the corresponding stimulus, all we’d need is pushups and burpees.

True sprints on track allow your body to not only become fast but demand to be able to switch rapidly between relaxation and force production while coordinating all of the body’s muscles for what it’s fundamentally built. This is very difficult to replicate with machines as you essentially load the switch phase of your stride needlessly with weights. Personally, I had no luck so far and the track always worked far better for me than any machine I got my hands on.

(To be fair, anything over 3,4 sprints @95+% is very taxing and might very well reduce your numbers the next day. So a decent AssBike might perhaps allow you to reap the benefits while not stressing the body too much at the same time, who knows.)

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