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Cardio For Muscle


The thing that I don't understand is, wouldn't it be beneficial for someone trying to build muscle to have good levels of cardiovascualar health? I was thinking this because an increase in your V02 Max means that your body can absorb and transport nutrients + oxygen more effectively to cells in the body. So surely good levels of cardiovascular health can benefit people trying to put on mass; so long as its only once or twice a week??


Check out my "Cardio Confusion" article; I actually delve into this quite a bit.


Thanks a lot, that answers all I was thinking. And for all you guys out there, cardio is one thing I wouldn't dream of dropping. Ooh, sorry I should call it "aerobic activity"


Sure, it would. Most of the leading strength coaches here and elsewhere don't recommend cutting out all cardio. But it is sometimes best left for maintenance or leaning out phases, particularly for those who have difficulty adding mass or who have recovery isseus.