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Cardio for Mass?

Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone here is a Berardi disciple and does cardio with the goals of increasing mass and strenth (for instance, 15 min. after lifting, 30 min for off days) - with the idea that the low intensity cardio will aid recovery and nutrient uptake.

I’m curious as to how your results have been. Basically my question can be summed up: how would you (who do this) perform anabolic (or at least non-catabolic) cardio?

go look up guerilla cardio

I guess I’m a bit torn in terms of definitions here. When I think “cardio” I think Type 1 muscle fibers, aerobic exercise. Guerilla cardio and even a lot of the HIIT routines I see seem like anaerobic sprinting (yes, captain obvious).

Anyway, discounting the metabolic effects of these workouts (which wind up burning cals and fat throughout the day), in terms of straight up mass building (rather than preservation) it seems that they don’t deplete your muscle glycogen to the point where your muscles would be as responsive to an insulin surge (using, of course, Surge) since the energy systems tapped are ATP-CP and lactic acid.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, because I do my sprints for general energy work and for rugby/b-ball, but i wouldn’t consider them “off day” activities, whereas a bout of low intensity biking may deplete glycogen (w/o chewing muscle) enough to warrant an anabolic response in the face of proper post-cardio nutrition. Thoughts? Anyone else do this?

Are you a professional athlete who trains 4-6 hours a day 6 days a week?

Do have a job that keeps you on your feet with a high heart rate all day?

Do you not sleep 7-9 hrs a night minimum?

Are you starving yourself?

If you answer no to these questions you’re going to have a hard time convincing me that 15-30 minutes of low-intensity cardio per day is going to hurt you at all.

Doing cardio to add mass is like smoking for improved aerobic fitness.

[quote]Andrew Dixon wrote:
Doing cardio to add mass is like smoking for improved aerobic fitness.[/quote]

Yes weed is very good for cardio, many of the better basketball players I’ve played with smoked weed.