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Cardio/Fat loss

Is cardio training nessecary during a cutting phase. I’ve read a few articles on this site that say cardio can decrease lean muscle mass and not burn just fat. I haven’t trained for a while,and also am a slow recuperator(bad genetics I guess) so the fat to fire and meltdown routines seem a little to intense for me. I am about to impliment the don’t diet diet on Monday. Any training tips would be most helpful.

Many people find that they need to engage in some kind of cardio in order to aid in the reduction of body fat (I happen to be one of the less fortunate members of society who has to engage in some cardio to reduce body fat). Then again, some people are able to get lean just be eating clean and lifting.

Depending on how much cardio you plan to do, watch your kcal defecit so that you don’t go too low and start burning up LBM. Overexcessive cardio has been indicated as a culprit in the loss of LBM during a cutting cylce.

I guess my suggestion would be to find out what works best for you. Several days of HIIT or IBUR would probably be adequate for fat loss with the most sparing of LBM. Here is an on site link for both routines, as outlined by Christian Thibaudeau = http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/251run.jsp

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