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Cardio Efficiency


Aside from an all-out-fast-as-you-can run for 15 minutes or so, which forms of cardio produce the most calories burned in a given amount of time.

I'm sure I could look this up but I think it would be neat to get the info on the board so people could see it.

Things im considering:

Jumping jacks - full body movement, if you "squat" on the way down you can really get some burn going.

Jump rope - Again, full body and you can get your arms going pretty good.

Up-Downs - Umm...hard to explain, tough to do more than 10 or 20 if you've never tried them. Basically you start at standing, jump straight down into a pushup and then throw yourself back up.

Any ideas for some high intensity cardio that doesn't involve the treadmill or running?


Shadow boxing
Jumping Vertically and Horizontally
Punching Hooks, jabs and cross?s

Look up GPP talk about kick ass.


You can pick a fight with someone about equal to you in size, strength and skill. Great (and painful) workout :wink:.




For people who doesn't have a fighting background, it is more like a 1RM Haymaker workout...


Ha... Sounds good. Next time I'm at the gym im just going to walk up to the big guys and start shoving!

Then I have them chase me around the gym, no doubt carrying an extra 80 pounds or so will slow them down and leave me panting hard!