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Cardio During Rest Week?

Hey Folks:
I am currently dieting, but have come to a point where I need to take a week off from lifting. Basically, your typical rest week within a program. My question is whether or not I am to rest from my interval cardio program as well? I definately need some rest due to a shoulder injury acting up and 8 weeks of lifting tailing off with lower reps/high weight. Will I squash my fat loss ability if I stop the cardio or would it be more detrimental to my overall recovery if I don’t stop? Any comments would be helpful. Thanks.

I would probably also watch the diet as well, lower the carbs intake a bit. You can do easy cardio for 30 mins few times a week. if you stop completely for a week, your body goes into a “shock” literally. It’s okay to do some light lifting and stretching. Swim in the pool. Basically easy workouts of any kinds. Active recovery is much better than passive recovery unless you have broken bones! Your body will thank you for it! You should notice how much more energy you’d have after a week of active recovery!

From personal experiene, I would suggest continuing to perform cardio during the rest week. Your body is stressed in a completely different manner weight training as opposed to cardio work. You CNS and muscles will be able to recover fine from the strength training if you perform a moderate amount of cardio. If you feel very rundown and burned out you might want to skip the cardio, or keep it very light. But provided you aren’t overtrained, but just want to give you muscles a break from lifting heavy I don’t see anything wrong with the cardio. I am curious to see what others’ opinions are though.


Yes, I am concerned the shoulder problem might be slightly overtraining/overreaching related so that is why I am concerned about the cardio during the week. I am going for a massage tomorrow and taking some anti-inflammatories for pain and inflammation. I would hate to have to have an extended break. I am just starting to look and feel the way I want to.