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Cardio During a Clean Bulk?

 Hi, I recently started a clean bulk (almost a month ago) and have been doing a bit of cardio (probably 15-30 miles a week, use to be 60). I am still gaining weight though so would i be smart to upkeep the cardio or drop it to the recommended 30mins 2x a week that I see in some articles?

Also, with a month through this bulk, i have gained 6-7lbs. should i decrease this weight gain? and if so, to how much? (the articles I read reccomend 2-3 per month) I just figured since i have had a caloric intake change, my weight would fluctuate like this at the beginning no matter what.

7 pounds in a month sounds a bit much to me. Also, the more time I spend doing this the more I like the “g-flux” idea. So I personally do cardio during a “bulking” cycle, it seems to have nothing but a positive effect.