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Cardio/Conditioning When Bulking

discuss: how much, how often, what kind, maybe none at all.what do you guys do when on a mass gaining phase.

Walk for 45 minutes first thing upon waking on an empty stomach 3x/week.

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yes sort of.i’m just curious as to what the more experienced guys thoughts are concerning this.

i have read various opinions on this, from doing actally doing nothing energetic at all away from seeking mass gain with the weights, to maybe fat burning walks,right up to actually seeking to improve CV capabilities enabling better endurance/faster recovery so maybe more work can be done in the gym. opinions?

I do 3 cardio-sessions a week when bulking. It just feels good to me. I like it. I do 30 minutes of steady-state ergometer training.

When I switch to a contest prep, I start with 2 HIIT sessions (25 mins each) as well as one steady state session (45 mins) a week and slowly increase from there.

Last December (contest prep) I ended up doing 2xHIIT, 1xSS, 2x incline treadmill a week.

I feel (and cannot prove) that the moderate-intensity cardiovascular work even helps me gain muscle in the off-season. But its a matter of personal preference and also body type.

For health reasons, I’d recommend to keep at least enough NEPA in your routine/schedule.

just do anything other than hamster cardio and you wont burn precius muscle!

HIIT = Good
Complexes = good
Codyweight curcuits = good
strongman training = good