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Cardio Compensated By Eating?

I play rugby and is weightlifting(powerlifting) to improve my performance.

However, my new university in Caridff,Wales is very spread out in the city. The gym (Welsh Institute of Sports)I’m training in also happens to be about 20 minutes from my university and 45 minutes from my hall of residence.

I have so far walked my way around the city and on average I walked 2 hours a day.

Will the knowledgable ones tell me if this kind of walking will ruin my gains in the gym(even if I compensated the energy expenditure) due to excessive muscle fibre convertion? I am considering getting a bike, but not sure if its worth it as I eat 4500-4600 calories a day at a bodyweight of 180 pounds.


Get the bike. It will save you tons of time you can use to eat, study, lift weights, practice and drink beer.

What position do you play?

My high school years were spent in a private school in North Wales and I was the fly-half and the occasional winger.

Get a bicycle. 2 hours of walking would be 20 minutes of bicycling.