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Cardio Before Weight Lifting?


So today is my cardio day and i was wondering something:

Is it okay to do my 30 minute cardio and ab circuit then go eat lunch and following that do my chest routine.

Im just wondering if i will be depleted of energy or if me eating lunch will counter act any of that
Thank you,
James D


The first couple times you do this you might feel weaker but if you continue to do this your body adapts. I do cardio fasted every morning and train high volume 6-7 days a week. But I am used to it. There are benefits a and I would post articles but they are from another site and I am sure they would be removed


I would want to have more time after lunch to let my food digest but that's me....otherwise shouldn't be any issues. Lots of competitors do cardio every morning and then lift later in the day. As long as you're getting a meal in there you should be fine, unless your cardio is ridiculously draining.


I do now; and always have; done a minimum of twenty minutes of cardio work immediately prior to my lifting without any negative effect.


Gonna depend on your eating around both sessions, the intensity and duration of yor cardio, and how your body handles overall 'work' in the course of a day. Provided a few hours and some grub act as a buffer I don't thin you'll have a real problem.



It will take some time for your body to adapt, but as long as not it's not too intense or long, you should be just fine. After foam rolling/warming up, I'll often run some 400m or 800m at a fast but not too fast clip... or just use the rowing machine.


Thank you everyone, i really appreciate the advice and i think (after doing it) that it isn't an issue.