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Cardio Before or After?


Okay, my question is should i do Cardio before or after i lift?
I am gettin ready for boot camp in the military!

I was runnin 2 to 2 1/2 miles before working out, but thats when i started off at 218 pounds in december of '09. Now i am down to 175 and i run 1 1/2 mile at fastest pace i can which my mile and half is down to 10 1/2 min and still improving. SO i run then lift. I have noticed that i may forfeit alittle strength when i do this.

I want to just burn body fat and get my abs to where they are visible to a 6 pack and i know to do this u have to lose body fat, but iwant to continue to gain muscle and strenght. So would it be best if maybe i lifted in the morning and did my cardio at night? Or vice versa. Or is what im doing fine?

Your help will be appreciated!!!! I just want the best physique possibly and want to gain as much muscle as humanly possibly while still havin a good stomach


I thought Crossfit is big with the military people.

My stab at boot camp training is that you'll wake up and exercise on an empty stomach. You would run ~3mi to a place, do some push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, sprints then run back to where you started. Then you shower and have breakfast. So in theory to prepare, wouldn't you would want to workout first thing in the morning with nothing to eat?


Crossfit? I am not in the military yet, still awaitin meps, just tryin to be in great shape for once i get there as well as i just want to be in the best shape for me.


Oh okay i looked up the crossfit. Thats basically what i've been doin. Is there any other suggestions?


SEALfit? I heard SEALs invented it.


I would definitely do your cardio in the morning. For cardio I would advise that you run long distances (3-4 miles) at a pace that will make it somewhat challenging, but when you finish you should feel like you could have gone for a little longer.

As far as the weight lifting goes, you are not going to lift a single weight in boot camp. Personally, lifting weights has helped me tremendously on the push-ups and sit-ups of the PT test, as well as other strength exercises that the military loves to do (pull-ups, BW squats, etc).

Doing some Crossfit sessions will definitely help, but make sure the majority of your cardio is made up from steady state distance running. This may not be the best for fatloss, but if you can run boot camp will be much easier.


What about from a building muscle perspective?? Is it better cardio before lifting or after, or doin splits?


It really depends on the individual, but I would do cardio after or in an AM/PM split if you want to do both on the same day.


^^this... and like fandango said you wont lift a single weight in bootcamp. Im assuming you're joining the navy because of the 1.5 mile run? If thats the case you really wont be doing much of anything in bootcamp and will come out of it looking really skinny. So just concentrate on pushups, sit ups and running. alternate your distances from 1.5-3mile runs and adjust your pace accordingly.

You get hawt abz from eating right not from running. Make sure your diet isnt shitty


What branch are you going in to? I was in the Marines, infantry, and I honestly really wouldn't worry about gaining muscle for boot. Military training in general is the most catabolic event, in other words, its all about doing a lof of work with little sleep and little food. You will not get big and you'll lose most of what muscle you gained when you're there.

So, I would focus on running, running, and maybe a little more running. Also of course pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, and swimming (Navy/Marines). Other than that, I will tell you right now, the worst part of boot is the mental aspect (at least where I was); but being physically fit before you get there DOES make it easier.


Couldn't have said it better myself.