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Cardio and the Herb

Much like Josh Howard and mike vick i infortunately really enjoy smoking a bit of the herb during the off season(football)
dont worry im not asking whether or not it impacts cardio; that redundant, but i was wondering weather or not its impact is recoverable or not.

ie, if one chooses to smoke in the off season but still trains cardio,
and then two weeks before the season stops smoking.(letting the negative effects wear off)
will his cardio shape be as good as if he hadnt smoked, and trained just as hard,
or will it permanently effect how much endurance he got from his spring spent running grey hounds and smoking jay’s


I can not tell you for certain if it will permanently effect the amount of endurance gained, what I can tell you is that THC is esoteric and will in turn effect your testosterone levels - which was enough to make me put down the herb.