Cardio and Strength Training

Some swear that cardio is anathema to strength training while others I know claim that it will increase your GPP.

Regardless, I have decided that before my mortal coil expires and the grim reaper takes me into eternal slumber that I want to see what my abs look like; I want to be shredded for if nothing more just a few months during the summer and see how much I can lift as well at my lightest possible weight class.

My heart strength sucks; this I know. The last time that I moved, my friends commented on how I was huffing and puffing away; like many powerlifters I am out of shape.

So I want to start doing cardio for many reasons, especially since a strong ticker will hopefully keep the grim reaper away.

I have decided to try jumping rope as my cardio for now.

I am just curious to know many of you have incorporated cardio into your strength training, and exactly how much effect it has had on your strength training goals both with and without dieting included.

I’m also interested in this topic. If strength developpement is your main goal, your cardio is highly likely to suck. However we all have heard about fit athletes with crazy strength, such as wrestlers and rugby players.

I think that everyone can add a strongman exercise as a finisher to each workout, it will target the anaerobic system and cannot hurt your strength that much. Sandbag loading, tire flips, sled dragging, farmer walks, tabata burpees…

A good idea is also to find the time for a weekly barbell complex workout.

A lot of famous strongmen were advocating daily 30minutes fast walks. Today the trend is to bash aerobic training but an occasionary fast walk will boost your recovery and, if performed on a regular basis, improve your general health.