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Cardio and Strength Training and Mass

I competed in strongman and powerlifting for a few years but due to work restrictions and having family time with the kidlets I haven’t trained much this year and have since lost about 10 KG’s of body weight ( 22lbs ).

My question is due to my job ( a grunt in the paras ) I have to maintain some kind of cardio and am even thinking about going SF in the future.

I have since started training again but am incorperating some pretty intense cardio sessions on my off days. If I consume surpluss calories to cover both the cardio and strength / power training will I have no problems with weight gain and also am I likely to burn out?

I have my doubts about overtraining as I am pretty well adapted to this style of training…or at least I was.

This may sound like common sense, but I really think it’s some of the best advice one can hear: let your body’s feedback be your guide.

If you start to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, etc. then take a deload week (cut down on your volume and/or intensity), and maybe modify your program if you think you need to.