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Cardio And Strength Loss

I’m off on holiday in 6 weeks time and have decided to include a couple of runs 2-3 times a week as it’s something that is convenient for me to do it’s a 2 mile run that takes me roughly 17 minutes to complete.
I’m aiming to lose 2-3kgs so my question is am i likely to lose much strength by doing this and if so is there a better option ?

What you’re saying is you want to lose weight.
Problem with this is cardio is purely a tool. You could do 10 hours of cardio a day but if you aren’t in a calorie deficit you won’t lose weight.
You can use cardio to help yourself get into a caloric deficit, but the calorie intake needs to be your main focus.

As for the will you lose strength question that depends on two main things. You will need to have the correct protein intake (1g of protein per lb of bodyweight), and make sure you aren’t in too much of a caloric deficit. Being 200 calories in a caloric deficit would be best.

Limited cardio helps strength. Similar to what he said, eat plenty of protein and lose the fat slowly.

Whilst i agree that a certain amount or calorie counting is needed last year when i went away i included the 2 miles runs i mentioned and reduced my calorie intake but not by much at all really and the weight dropped off me very quickly and easily.
my concern this time around is that as i’ve been working on increasing my strength i don’t really want to lose the gains i’ve made, whilst i know that i will lose some strength i would prefer to keep it at a minimum, so perhaps i should have asked is would doing a 2 mile run 2 or 3 times a week effect my strength if i’m not in a calorie surplus ?

No. Those are short runs that should not negatively affect your strength. I trained for a half marathon last year with runs up to 10+ each weekend (plus another 5 miler mid-week) and I broke a my PR on BP at the time (I did 225 lbs x 10). I was strength training twice a week using a minimalist program by Dan John, running 2-3 times a week, and playing soccer 2-3 times a week.

17 minutes of cardio 2x per week should not negatively affect your strength in any way. In fact, it may improve it as it will improve your work capacity and ability to recover.

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You don’t lose much strength at all in a holiday no matter what you do as long as protein is adequate. Takes months for any significant strength to be lost.

Would you consider yourself very lean… average or fluffy ? What is your current Body weight?

Interesting did you lose any weight at that time ie when when you hit your PR on the bench ?

I would consider myself average whilst i don’t know what my body fat percentages are i’m 5ft 3 and weigh 144lbs, when i went away last year i weighed roughly 136lbs and looked quite lean.

Not really. Was in the low 170’s weight-wise throughout. I have since hit 225x11 for a PR in 2019, again using Dan John’s minimalist protocol.

For whatever reason running seems to impact high end strength the most out of cardio options so I say just run once a week if enjoy and do some HIIT cardio/metabolic work the other two.
Either of these good options/can even complement strength work…