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Cardio and PreWO Warm-up Whilst Bulking


Whilst i am trying to bulk should i worry about cardio at all??? Currently I am
doing an upper and lower split, 4 weight sessions per week and only do a bit of warmup cardio.

I used to, whilst doing a full body routine (chad waterburys i think) do HIIT jump rope and
HIIT sprints but i wasnt eating enough to put on weight.

Currently i do jump rope for 5-10 mins prior to lifting, i think i heard CW say it was a
good warmup as it is warms up the whole body and is good with posture, should i stick with this as my warm-up for weights (with warm up sets on exercises b4 work sets as well)
or should i change this for some dynamic stretching????


10 minutes of jump rope before lifting seems like a bit much. I would save some of that energy for lifting and do the jump rope afterwards. Maybe just a dynamic warmup before you lift.


Think of a warmup as something you do to prepare your body to perform to the best of it’s ability.

Dynamic stretching and light sets usually work the best. A warmup shouldn’t fatigue you, but if you want to do cardio it’s fine to do after lifting.

If you can bulk up while maintaining a bodyfat level you’re happy with while doing no cardio, then obviously there’s no reason to do it unless you want to. However, most people find that they see better results with moderate cardio 3-5 days a week.