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Cardio and Music


What music are you guys listening to when doing cardio? I assume everyone's been doing steady state cardio (read: I'm more interested in music than opinions on am cardio)






This one is good for 10 minutes of hard running.


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Honestly I do not listen to anything.

I think about work, I have great inspiration when I do cardio and think about work.

Go figure


I know what you mean, sometimes to get ready for sprinting I get myself fired up thinking about income tax.


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I think it depends on what you're doing and your pace. I used to listen to a lot of rap when I ran; then I thought I got sick of it and was more interested in fast rock. What I ultimately realized was that I'd sped up and the rap stuff I had no longer set the right pace (beats per minute) for me. I keep having to jigger my playlist depending where I am in my distance vs speed cycle (sometimes running is primary for me and lifting secondary, in which case I'm going for distance...other times I'm more interested in weights and I'm inclined to shorter, faster runs).

Anyway, all that to say that you should be able to get a sense of your BPM and pick up songs you like that match it. I make notes when I hear one I think will work.


If I'm incline waking or hiking, I listen to audiobooks. I enjoy reading normally, so it's good to take my mind off the walking and be elsewhere, mentally


I love to think about work while I'm running. For me the music helps, though. It puts me in a meditative zone and once I'm there I can tune it out without losing the benefit of the pacing assistance. I also don't like listening to my breath or external noises, which I find highly distracting. My preference is for the treadmill over outside running for that reason. It's some of my best thinking time.

But anyway, for specific songs, right now I'm loving Talking Heads Burning Down the House.