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Cardio and Muscle Gain


I hear a lot of people saying that there's no need for cardio when bulking, but it's always been a big part of my lifestyle, from swimming, running, cycling to casual sports. So I find this a hard pill to swallow now that I'm trying to bulk on muscle, and I worry as I feel that at least a proportion of my weight gain is in fat. Definition has fallen, and I feel generally ''wobblier'' and less athletic...

... So, I just wondered if it was still possible / advisable / mad to continue to bulk whilst fitting in some cardio work? I'd do it on 'off' days, probably 2 times per week, with 4 days of weights and one total rest day. What do you chaps do with respect to cardio?

Also, I've heard that HIIT is ideal, but having tried it in the past (stationary bike) I'm concerned that it might impact adversely on my muscle recovery or gains? Is this nonsense?

Thanks guys!


There is already a thread discussing this.


Fixed that for ya.


Cardio is good.

Use search function.


Thanks CC, it was early when I replied so I was still a little foggy.


Don't mention it, brother.


Do cardio for general fitness lol.
What is the big deal?
The most ridiculous is when people feel refrain from being perambulatory just to prevent calorie burn

Do some cardio, not a whole load of it.
And I believe HIIT is meant for cutting, not bulking, but everyone's body type is different and reacts differently


Some people worry too much about cardio making you lose muscle. I really don't think that will happen.
I do 2 or 3 30 minutes sessions on the treadmill or spinning bike.


I had a 20 minute jog this morning and I have to say, I feel great after it. Just made sure I ate to account for it!


Seriously wtf is with the mass influx of cardio threads lately?