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Cardio and Low-Carb Diets


I'm currently on the Anabolic Diet and have a few questions when it comes to cardio. I'm currently cuttting and would like to add some energy systems work. I recall CT stating a while back that no HIIT style work should be done, as that glycogen is hard enough to hang on durying a cyclical low carb diet such as the AD. However, I recenlty recall CW recommending HIIT on the off days of his current "Waterbury Summer Project." I understand this is not cyclical like the AD, however, it comes close in terms of carbs.

I want to get some opinions as to whether HIIT can be incorporated on the low carb diets, or whether it is best to stay away from it in favor of less intense cardio.


Not a fan of HIIT when low-carbing it. If you must, once a week would be it. Try and place it where you have the most time to recover. I like Sat. am's.
That gives me until Monday afternoon before my next lift. Then Sunday's are completely off or maybe a good family walk and some park time.

When I'm low carbing, I like to walk uphill for about 30-40 minutes for my workouts. It allows you to control some of the stress given how much you feel like giving it on that day.


Great answer IMO. While HIIT is effective when low carbing it, AND going hypocaloric to boot you want every damn bit of glycogen you can spare in reserve for the resistance training, trying to keep gym performance up as high as possible.

With the AD however, though my knowledge on it is not anywhere near that of many others here. Doesnt it allow carb ups tobe adjusted to fit ones goals. to fit the individual?? If so add in amn extra small carb up for the HIIT day or reserve it like stated for sat AM and carb up and rest the other time during the weekend.