Cardio and Lifting

Hey guys. What do you think of doing around 10 minutes of light cardio (light running on treadmill) after my lifting session? I know that too much endurance work will go against my strength gains, so is this ok? Also, how would I know that the cardio is light/easy enough to not impact my strength work?

The negative impact of cardio on strength is typically way overrated.

And 10min is nothing.

Agreed. In fact, I feel like a little cardio after weight training can help you recover. I usually just do jump roping for time.

10 min won’t affect strength gains, and probably fine for conditioning. Cardio for fat loss is usually best done on an off day, fasted, with thermogenics I.E. caffeine.


I agree that its affect on strength is overrated, I usually do some kind of HIIT training and a steady state on non lifting days. Probably because I am OCD or something and just have to be in the gym.