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Cardio and Fat

How do I maximise the fat burining capabilities of my cardio workouts?
How do I make sure stored fat is used rather than dietary fat ?

I lift first thing in the morning.
Hit the Carbs and Protein.
Fat and Protein for the rest of the day.
I do cardio in the evening

So Questions -
HOw do I eat up to the cardio workout - Do eat fat and proetin? or just protein for 2 hours pre workout?
Should I use L-carinitne?
I can’t use a ECA stack after 3 or I’ll never sleep so …
What do I eat after cardio ? Fat and protein or just protein?
Will the dietary fat be used rather than the stored fat?

You’re thinking too much. Just do as high of intensity as you can, work up to about 120min per week. Add in sprints once or twice a week. I try to get a good run in everyday, about 17 min or two miles. I lift 6 days per week (JB’s Creation Continues) and I do sprints ala CTs Running Man. Throw in the T-Dawg diet and you’re good to go.