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Cardio and Dieting

I have concluded that I am doing way too much cardio for a low carb, slightly hypo-caloric diet. My body is way too hungry for this ammount of calories. So, my question is what is a reasonable yet effective ammount of cardio(frequency, duration, intensity) WHILE dieting? It’s tough to find a do-able balance of calories in/out. I really only need to lose about 10pds max. So what I need are just some opinions of other tmaggers here on what is the norm for dieting-cardio. Thanks.

I perform 3-4 sessions of jump rope; 3 morning sessions and sometimes will add a fourth evening. Just 20-30 minutes of boxing rounds worth. Maybe two days of sprint sessions or even the jump rope would be sufficient for you.

It depends on what you are doing in the gym, and your body type. I can get away with doing zero cardio.

While dieting?!!! Must be nice man. I do three total body workouts a week: kind of a tweaked HST. I like it a lot, but because I always do at least 40 min cardio directly after these sessions, my metabolism is smokin’. So, given that a total body w.o. is more energy taxing, I’ll probably cut down to 30 min max all while on JMB’s Don’t Diet-190,6’0,13%,at about 2750 a day. Thanks ko and Patricia(Your shredded girl! Good job!). In case your wondering why I’m reluctant to ditch the cardio, I lost about 25 pds three years ago mainly due to the inclusion of cardio. So I’m a bit paranoid as to what might happen if I cut back. However, this is as clean and organized as my diet has ever been. So, it’s time for a change methinks.

Actually, i don’t diet. I know, I suck. You may want to try doing your cardio on off days if you start to stall. But if its working for you stick with it.

well you said you want to lose 10 lbs. of fat. but do you also want to increase your lean body mass or you want to go down to a certain body weight at a given body fat % level. This is something you need to answer. If you want to put on mass then keep hitting the weights and do low rest in between sets workouts. Something like meltdown training but without having to do the whole body or use near maximum poundages. Just do your body parts for the day. For cardio you can do some High intensity bike or sprint. If your goal is to go down in weight and you want to maintain your mass level then you have to maintain your wourkout poundages or even try to go up in weight as you cut calories slowly and dial in more high intensity cardio. This way you will not lose mass and if you do have a mass lose effect you will notice it in your workout poundages. as always it is important to slowly dial in certain changes and then see how the body reacts to them. laters pk

Frig. I just deleted a huge response. Anyway, I want to lose 10 pds of fat. After thinking about it more, I beleive I just have to keep my training and diet constant and tweak with my cardio duration/intensity to find the right balance that won’t leave me hungry as a hostage.