Cardio and Cortisol Release

I havent done any cardio for quite a number of years and it was music to my ears when I first joined this site that quite a few people seemed to think cardio wasn’t very important anyway while your goal was developing muscle.

However it is clear that I need some cardio for two reasons. One is that I am often found wanting as regards having enough wind to be able to complete certain sets. I seem to run out of breath on certain exercises long before I feel as though I have worked it sufficiently.

Secondly I am a little fat. I feel like I have quite a bit of muscle mass but can’t see it quite as sharply as I would like. I can’t for instance see my abs.

My question though pertains to the right kind of cardio. HIIT seems to be the one most people advocate on here and over the last few years but doesnt HIIT promote more cortisol release than steady state?

Wouldnt a couple or three low intensity cardio sessions like a slow measured jog around the block a week work better as it doesnt promote so much cortisol release? What do you guys think?