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Cardio and Clen to Get Shredded?

Hi guys,

Finished my cycle of -
Weeks 1 to 12 test e 450mg weekly
Weeks 1 to 12 tren a 100mg daily
Weeks 8 to 12 50mg winny daily

I’ve put on size but mainly recomped. I’m looking to really shed down and currently sitting around maybe 11% bf? I’m 174cm and 80kg in weight. I really want to maintain the weight but get absolutely shredded and as veiny as possible. I’m back on trt and doing 125mg test e weekly. Should I add clen to get that last bit of fat off and add cardio? What would you guys do?




That’s a crazy transformation. Well done. As to the clen I’d say skip it. It’s a harsh drug and you can probably get where you want to go without it. After 12 weeks of 700mg of tren every week you should give your body a long break. That’s a pretty brutal cycle you ran. Take a breather and think about the long term. You should be able to cut quite a bit with just your trt and a good diet. No real need for the clen.

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Thanks for the words was worried I was gonna get stick about it not being a big enough transformation for the amount of tren I was running. OK great and hopefully I’ll lose a bit of water with less test. Do you recon I’ll lose any size coming off that cycle or will my trt dose maintain it?


That depends greatly on your diet and training. Given the before photos, most would make a guess that you will lose a lot and slowly go back towards the before photos. If you keep your diet clean, training on point, I would imagine you’d keep a decent amount. It’s inevitable to lose some, however you don’t appear to be so big that you’re beyond genetic potential, so you should be able to keep a good bit if you don’t revert back to old ways.

Did you get a full sleeve in the 12 weeks you were cycling?


Diet and training will stay on point. Will run more cycles in future but will be on a trt dose for life. All the men in my family are skinny build. Athletic but no massive guys. All skinny and small bones really. But that’s what I want. Athletic aesthetic build is what I want.

@blshaw yeah the sleeve was finished in the 14th week. Still fresh. And started in 2nd week

Haha, didn’t even notice that!

I mean… I wouldn’t personally worry about cutting. You look great and are at a healthy good BF. Going lower you risk losing more of your gains as well, not worth it IMO.

I was gonna call BS on your timeframe if you didn’t confirm. That’s a hell of a transformation. If you had told me you wanted to cycle and showed me those first pics I would have laughed. Tren is some magic and some people take well to AAS. Well done sir.


Can you give a brief outline of your diet during this cycle? No offense, but most guys who look like you did at the beginning don’t know how to eat or train, hence the reason they look that way. You obviously did everything right during your cycle, so I’m curious what you changed, aside from the drugs. Because all the tren in the world won’t make a diet better or gym sessions happen on their own. A lot of work went into your transformation and I’d love to hear what all you did.

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Nice transformation. Not sure why you want to get leaner than you are currently unless you’re competing. Clen isn’t going to be as effective as the 700mg/week of Tren you’ve been running, but it will help get the last few pounds off if you’re already doing a lot of cardio and hit a wall. My advice is see how far you can get on diet and cardio alone. Clen is rather harsh.

Ehhhhhh I’ve got no reason to lie on the time frame guys I’m not trying to impress anything here, by no means am I happy with where I am yet. I mean lighting plays a role in photos.

Diet was strict on cycle and as it should be running what I was running. In the before photos I had previous gone to gym for about a year. This was where I got to on and off and also did have a previous cycle of tren. I know looks like I never touched any steroid before. So could’ve had some muscle memory or anything I don’t know.

I went to gym 6 times minimum a week focusing mainly on upper body as to do legs hurt sometimes due to I would always pin my quads. Hit legs maybe once a week and upper body 5 times a week.

Diet was:
Shake in morning with egg, banana, whey protein, fruit and almond milk

Would have pretzels and a protein bar at 11am

Chicken breast and 125g rice at 12

Same meal as before at 3

Protein bar and nuts at 5

Chicken/steak or salmon at 6 before gym with some carbs

Chicken brocoli and whey protein after gym at 9pm before bed and that was pretty much it

Around 2.2k calories a day with 150g carbs, 190g protein and 60g fat


Damn that’s wild u put that much muscle on with that amount of calories and that amount of carbs. Must have some good genetics

Tren is quite a drug as well. Makes me wish I weren’t too scared to run it! Haha.


Hell I’ve got 2 sleeves and I’m skeptical. I think it’s coming from a place of hate though. I want drugs :cry:

Almost regretting not running tren on my upcoming cycle lol. I think the tren I got before was underdosed. Do you think I’ll be able to build as much mass on npp and dbol as I would tren

He only weighs 175lbs. I wouldn’t consider it a huge muscle gain but looks more like a quality recomp with ‘some’ muscle gain. OP now has a lean and athletic physique but I would image if you taped the arms and chest it would be nothing to write home about. No offense OP.


Just as Shaw said, it was a massive recomp, and it was something that was starting from literally nothing. The results won’t be as visually dramatic for someone who already has a ton of muscle. However, from everything I have gathered, Tren is absolutely unlike any other drug. It is the gold standard for gaining and cutting. 700mg is full retard though, IMO. No offense, just an expression, by no means calling you that.

He ran over a gram of injectables and another 350mg of winny a week. Probably one of the more damaging cycles one could run, and both compounds known for doing what they did for him.

I admit man, solid fuckin recomp. Most guys would kill for that. Just make sure you make the eating and gym a life style now so it’s not for nothing!! Congrats on the incredible transformation!




No offence taken and cheers for the comments.

I know the cycle was full retard but I know for a fact I don’t really want kids, I’m on trt for life and I just want the best body I can get. Have had some scary sides as my eye really started hurting for 2 weeks and bit of heart ache but apart from that (lol) nothing too bad