Cardio Amount for BBing?

whats the most cardio you bodybuilders do daily? how much is too much, where you’re muscles are loosing glycogen?

the least amount posssible

^^ That ^^

I believe in the LEAST amount of cardio necessary to get shredded, I think if you diet right and have the balls to grind through the low carb days then your golden.

I dont do more than 3 hard sessions a week. I’ll do 2 high intensity days and 1 day slow and steady on the stairmaster or treadmill.

If your diets off then no amount of cardio no matter how hard will make up for that, You cant outrun a shitty diet.

I agree with everything that has been said. If you want to lean out more without doing “cardio”, fasted walks have been used by many bodybuilders and people on this site. CS just wrote an article on it Semi-Fasted Cardio Solution