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Cardio after weights (supplementation question)

I read an article by Berardi on doing cardio specifically about gain muscle mass while keeping of fat somewhat (4d x 15-20 min) and just keeping lean muscle while losing fat (4d x 30 min).
Sorry for long intro, but my question is on post workout supplementation…

Aren’t you supposed to drink your Surge immediately after a weight workout? Will doing Cardio after my workout screw this up or does it matter?

It seems that Berardi didn’t seem like doing the cardio would be catabolic (as long as shorter time 15-30 min). Is there a best time to take my post workout supplement if doing Cardio after weights?

Sorry for long questions, but wanted to give you all of the info that I was reading.

I take my training drink about 2/3 the way through my workout, and then do cardio, and then have my post workout drink. I have been doing this for ‘maintenance’ for about a month now and it seems to be working.

I know the big man, CP, is down on doing cardio immediately after lifting, particularly if it forces you to extend your training time over an hour.

Thanks. Any other thoughts by T-community would be appreciated.

I think the “Essential Berardi” article at T-mag covers this topic.

What about doing cardio before weights? what’s the thought on that? I usually perform from 9-18 minutes of jump rope before weights. Any thoughts on that?

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Boxer Al, if you do your cardio before ur workout u deplete your glycogen stores, and exhaust yourself before you can kick some ass with weights - thats a pussy move. sorry.
The best way to do it is to: have your protein before your workout. finish your weight training in 1 hour tops, and jump immediately on the cardio for 20 minutes. THEN, and only then should u have ur post workout shake ( with the exception of powerlifters, and those who are training exclusively for strength and bulk). Why? Because if u have it before ur cardio, ur body will use ur the carbs in it for energy instead of the fat ur trying to trim. Even if ur shake is exclusively protein, ur body will break down the protein and use the amino groups of the protein to make glucose, which again will be used for energy, taking away from the effects of cardio on keeping lean. Just make sure u take a protein shake or a meal with protein 1 hour before ur workout, finish ur workout including cardio in 1.5 hours, and ur just in time for a meal after 2 hours and a half.

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I have been taking Surge for about 1 year now. 1/2 during training and 1/2 post training (immediately) per JB’s recommendations. This includes times when I perform cardio right after wieght training. My recovery: Less post fatigue, minimal muscle soreness, increased lean muscle tissue gains. Works very well for me.

Actually doin 20 to 30min of LIGHT cardio right after weight training can be beneficial.

Since all your other energy stores are depleted, all that’s left to burn is fat.

REMEMBER! 20-30 mintues max cardio time after lifting!! This is the best way to burn fat. Anymore than that, you risk a chance to lose muscle and you will have to supplement glutamine.

If you are lifting to tone, getting glutamine would be a good idea

This question is a really good one. I don’t have an answer for you but I to have been pondering the question. I’m always worried that I’m just breaking down muscle doing cardio after weight training.
But when I was at the naturopath I read an article he had on the wall and it stated that the body doesn’t start using fat as a fuel until at least 20 min into exercise. So weight train first then cardio and your body should be burning fat.
I agree with the others, don’t let your total workout time exceed 1 hour.

I’m assuming that you are doing moderate intensity cardio post lifting. In that case, I like to consume my drink during the cardio. I’ll usually drink a good gulp down before and sip throughout cardio.

Boxer Al - You need to remember to keep sport-specific training and bodybuilding on different sides of the spectrum. In regards to a typical Renegade training session, I would have a decent meal 1-2 hours beforehand - either PF or PC or PFC depending on needs and what you tolerate. Throughout training, I would sip on a diluted carbohydrate solution with some protein, diluted surge or a BCAA mix. After training, I would pound a large serving of Surge (3 scoops) due to the intense nature and metabolic demands of Renegade training.

Yes, you will burn a higher ratio of fat to carb when doing cardio after weights, but fat-burning is occuring the whole time you are working out, not just after 20 min.

As for the workout time of less than 1 hour - I want to see proof that this is a real recommendation from a physiological standpoint. Often, with warm-up, stretching, weights and maybe some post-workout cardio - I can push 90 min +. This is not always, but sometimes. The main point is that you have to find what works best for you. In the case of the 1 hour rule - I think it applies primarily to the lifting portion, but again this is up for grabs. Depends on what you are training for and what energy pathway is being developed.

Sides with Jason on this one (for jhat’s question). But I also am leery of post weight training cardio - along the same lines as CP. I prefer jump rope sessions in the AM - well before a weight training session. But to each their own, right?

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Back in my newbie days, I wrote an e-mail to JB about this exact topic. His general feeling at the time was that consuming half of your shake during your lifting and cardio session then the other half immediately after cardio would be fine.

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I believe that I have got the best results from drinking (1 1/2 scoops)of biotest surge whilst training and then waiting 15 minutes after training to consume another 1 1/2 scoops of surge.

I have also been following the trailing edge diet which was posted on john berardi web site. Its a great eating plan and I have lost heaps of body fat and gain 3 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks.

About your cardio question i believe you should keep your cardio after your workout to 15 minutes and do interval training. that means doing weights for 40 - 45 minutes and then with 15 minutes cardio after.

Cardio is important for the heart and lunges and your not a professional body builder so its more about looking good naked and living a long healthy life!! Good Luck.