Cardio After Lifting for Fat Loss

Hey guys i just started incorporating some cardio after my workouts, about 20 minutes on a eliptical. Im weight at 240 pounds and im pretty damn solid but i have about 1 inch of fat around my stomach, i acn feel my abs below it rock hard and i just wanna tighten up around my waist/stomach/obliques.

Is it a possibility with the cardio to tighten up around my stomach and show some more definition but continue to put on muscle mass? Or should i just ignore it and continue to try and bulk up ? Im 19 years old, ill try to get a pic of my stomach up for reference.

hahahaha its exactly what im trying to do atm and would be interested in hearing what others have to say about this,

funny im 19 aswell except im hovering around 210-220lbs depending on water weight

Actually, in a few articles this month this exact thing has been mentioned. It’s apparently best to split up your HIIT/cardio and lifting into different days. This helps keep your insulin (sp?) levels higher and it allows you to put more focus and energy into each training session. I forget what articles this was in, just give it a quick search or just read all of the past few.

Thanks ill check those articles out!
Yeah i mean i think my physique would improve alot if my waist shrunk a bit and i had more ab visibility i have a few pics in my profile but im gonna take one to show what i mean.