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Cardarine and Stenabolic Stack

I’m looking at stacking Cardarine 20mg and Stenabolic 10mg a day.

Has anyone done this stack? Results?

No one ever stack these in here?

Stack garbage on top of bullshit?

No thanks il pass

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If these things worked risk-free they would have made it into more clinical trials and be on their way to market. If cardarine did what it purports to do without killing you then it would be a $5b/yr blockbuster drug. If it seems too good to be true…

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A lot of endurance atheletes coaches use these so I’m sure they do something.

Lots of things work. The bigger question is what you’re trading for that benefit. Are you an endurance athlete?

I need my mile time to be at 6:30. So I’m looking for a boost there. When On test it impacts my running somewhat so i am hoping i gain a little stamina back there, but wanted to see if a couple months of this would make an additional impact.

Low dose winstrol would be safer then dabbling in all that crap. You could probably even get away with using it without a test base. I dont know much about the use of winstrol in endurance sports besides the fact that it works. Im sure Google could help you find some protocols that are test free.

When you say test impacts your running im gonna assume you mean it slows you down by adding water weight etc? You could probably run test prop at a low trt dose with low dose winny and avoid the normal test bloat and water retention.

DISCLAIMER : i am in no way shape or form a endurance anything. The information i have provided is just common knowledge of what professional endurance athletes have used in past history

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Winni really drys me out and causes some serious joint pain. I’m not using any test now just finishing PCT then going to try this stack to see what it does. I was hoping one person on here has dabbled in this SERM stack. I’ll be the lab rat so to say apparently lol

Yes that is a common side of winny

Look up some sides of the 2 you want to stack. Dry joints might be a welcoming thing compared to what i have seen some people write about sarms and PH

The big issues with SARMs are as follows:
-little clinical data
-wide range of responses
-no idea if what you’re getting is what’s on the label

Stenabolic looks—on paper—like a great compound. But I have seen so very few unsponsored logs that it’s hard to gauge how useful it is IRL. Why not something more ubiquitous like a stimulant? Genuinely asking. I don’t know as much about the needs of endurance athletes and I’m curious.