every article i’ve read by you guys basically says that carbs are the enemy [cept the get big diet], and i was wondering why? i know that protein is good, but until i switched to a lower protein[ .8g/lbm] and higher carbs and fat diet i wasn’t growing that well. through ALOT of reading and trial and error, i feel that a higher carb, slightly less protein approach is FAR better than a high pro, moderate carb approach. i also feel that the post workout shake should be in the 3:1 carb/pro ratio with a 2:1 in every other meal. just some rambling thoughts

D: NO macro or micronutrient is “bad”. We should have learned that from the 80’s when muscle heads would try to eliminate ALL fat (they would push for diets with less than 5% of calories coming from fat!). HOWEVER…I think that the point is we must CONTROL those nutrients, depending on what our goals are. As an example, you probably have read a lot on the “Fat Fast” diet, where the goal is to shed fat in as rapid a way as possible. In this case, carbs ARE counterproductive to THAT PARTICULAR GOAL. In general terms, however, non-refined, phytochemical and fiber rich carbs are an important component of any diet.

gee someone that makes sense!!! I agree!! I keep protien at about .6-1.0 gram per pound of lean mass and have NEVER had any probs. you can go REAL low on protien and gain (I can site the studdies if anyone would like), you can go pretty low on carbs and still gain (although not realy as low as you can in protien), if you go REAL low in fats your hormones will be all over the place , you can still gain some but not near what you can at moderate fat levels. if you get enough of each, at my size thats about 600 cals or 150 grams of protien,600 cals or 67 grams of fat, and 800 grams or 200 grams of carbs my gains will never be negatively effective. now thats only about 2000 cals and I need around 3000-3500 to mantain my bodywt. but it does not matter where I get the other 1000to1500cals from, be it fat, protien or carbs. sorry for the ramblings but its a pet peave of mine. NOBODY NEEDS 400 GRAMS OF PROTIEN!!! (ok maybe kovacs comes close, maybe mark henery comes close but you know what I mean) peace.

Before worrying about your C/P/F breakdown you need to figure calories a day. Calories controls all your results. I could cut up on doughnuts as long as my calories were under maintainence. Popular breakdowns for gaining are % 50C-30P-20F and for dietting 30C-50P-20F. And if your doing steroids to potentially put on 10-20lbs muscle in around 8 weeks, it would be to your advantage to increase protein to 1.5g/lb.

Carbs aren’t the enemy, but it’s safe to say they are “tricky.” Much also depends on your goals and individual response factors.

“There is no such thing as bad sugars, just mistimed” I think Duchaine that?!

For some odd reason I do poorly tolerating high carbs(gutwise) I seem to be best suited for a 1:1 ratio, or perhaps slightly higher carbs but 2:1 would make me feel nautious and bloated for some reason