My question is related to consuming starchy carbs like oatmeal, rice, potatoes during the day. I typically start my day by having oatmeal with some protein powder. I don’t cook my Old-Fashioned oatmeal (to keep the GI down), rather I use a blender to mix the oatmeal and protein in water.

I have read that oatmeal is a good option to start your day specially if consuming carbs. However, if it is too starchy then it will be producing more insulin than I want early in the morning. Is that true?

As for post-workout, I usually have gatorade with whey protein. An hour later, I will have a regular P+C meal which might include rice, tortillas or someting similar.

What kind of carbs should I be consuming an hour after my post-workout drink? Should I be looking to get another insulin spike through high-gi carbs/starchy carbs or have low-gi carbs?

thanks a bunch guys,


Gary, it depends on your goals. (grin)

Since I’m cutting, I predominantly take in green veggie carbs. The only time I take in starchy carbs is PWO.

If I were bulking and had higher carb requirements, I would, by necessity, have to take in low-/no-fiber, starchier-type carbs. But since I tend to low-carb it, the higher fiber in the green veggies is more satisfying and more thermogenic.

There’s nothing wrong with having oatmeal for breakfast. That’s one of two times the body is best able to process carbs (PWO being the other ideal time).

PWO your nutrition and carb choices are looking pretty good. I’d go with stuff like brown rice, yams, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, etc. That’s pretty traditional/classic BB fare.

Let me know if I answered your question. If not, I’ll try again. (grin)

Ok I think if I provide more information, it will be better. So, my goal is to bulk up but Massive Eating style. So, I eat P+C meals only for breakfast or post-workout.

During the day (breakfast), my P+C meals consist of low-GI carbs like oatmeal, whole-wheat stuff. However, post-workout, I consume high-GI carbs.

So, essentially, I have two questions. What kind of insulin reponse do starchy carbs like oatmeal, yams, brown rice etc produce?

Secondly, if I am bulking up, what should my second P+C meal 1 hour after my PWO drink be? Should I go for another insulin spike through high-GI/starchy carbs or consume regular, low-GI carbs with protein?



Okay, thank you, Gary. That information is helpful.

Let’s get a few things out of the way. Make sure you’re getting 1.5g of protein per pound of TBW and .5g of fat per pound of TBW. Make sure you’re eaitng at least 6 meals, protein every meal. And actually, it wouldn’t hurt to eat 8 meals, i.e., every 3 hours.

Carb requirements are significantly higher if you’re trying to bulk than if you’re trying to cut. If eating 6 meals a day, eat at least two P+F meals. If you’re eating 8 meals, eat at least 3 P+F meals. All other meals should be P+C. Oatmeal for breakfast is fine.

PWO, take in a Surge or a Surge-type drink immediately PWO. The next two meals should be P+C meals of the starchy carb variety. Meals before your workout and on non-workout days should be of the green veggie variety, all that you can stuff down your face. If you’re trying to increase calories and can’t get in enough carbs by eating green veggies, you may have to lower green veggies and raise starchy carbs just to hit your numbers.

The trick when bulking is to track your caloric and macronutrient intake. On any week that you don’t gain weight, increase calories by 250 calories per day and keep it at that number until once again a week goes by that you don’t lose weight. Those calories that you add would be carb calories.

Please don’t avoid carbs when bulking. The body does respond by producing insulin, but insulin is a very anabolic (building) hormone. Managed properly, insulin can be your friend. Just avoid the garbage; sugar, snacks in a box, fried food. Eat good/clean food, raise calories slowly and workout hard.

Does that help? (grin)